I create

beautiful web experiences.

My name is Elissa Elizondo, and I'm a web designer and front end developer.

I love to create all sorts of things for the web. I've had considerable experience conceptualizing, designing, presenting, developing, and debugging websites as a web designer and software developer for the University of California, Riverside and have designed and built multiple sites for various clients from the ground up. View my resume.

I invite you to explore my websites, digital art, and original songs.

Technical Skills
Software & CMS
Adobe Photoshop CS6
Adobe DreamWeaver
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign
Adobe PageMaker
Adobe Flash CS6
Adobe AfterEffects
Maxon Cinema 4D
Wordpress CMS
OmniUpdate CMS
Tortoise Hg / Kiln
Virtual Studio
About Elissa

Elissa Elizondo has been designing and developing websites since the age of ten. Her passion for both art and code shine through her fascinating creations for the web. She has built a wide variety of websites and specializes in responsive Bootstrap development, which means the websites she builds are viewable in any device - desktop, tablet, or mobile.

Elissa has a clean and elegant design-style, with expert skills using Adobe Creative Suite software, as well as experience creating 3D graphics in Maxon Cinema 4D. and films in Adobe After Effects.

Her main skill-set consists of HTML, CSS, and Javascript, with experience implementing jQuery plugins, and writing in XML, PHP, and AJAX.

She can convert any .PSD file into HTML, as well as design branding identities and environmental graphics. Elissa also has photography, film, and video-editing experience.