About Me


My name is Elissa Elizondo, and I'm a web designer and front end developer.

I have experience as a web designer and software developer for the University of California, Riverside. I invite you to explore my websites, digital art, and original songs.


Adobe PhotoShop and Adobe Creative Suite, as well as experience with InDesign, AfterEffects, Illustrator, and Maxon Cinema 4D.


Solid understanding of HTML and CSS. Expert in Responsive Bootstrap development. Experience writing in jQuery, JavaScript, and PHP.


About This Site


This website was hand-coded in HTML and HTML5, using CSS for styling. I developed the site using an HTML5 responsive grid, which means it's viewable for mobile, tablet, desktop, and virtually any device! If you've had a chance to glance at my resume, you might notice some striking similarities in both designs.




The majority of my work displayed here, I designed and developed at my current position as a web designer / developer at UC Riverside. With the help of some amazing copywriters and programmers, we've managed to publish several major sites for the university. Also included in this section are some personal projects and interesting creations.

UCR Dining

Contribution: Site Design, Client Presentation, and Bootstrap Site Development

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UCR Conference & Events

Contribution: Site Design, Header Illustration, Client Presentation, and Site Development

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UCR BearLogic

Contribution: Site Design, Logo Design, Client Presentation, and Site Development in Responsive Grid

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Contribution: Logo & Brand Design, Package & Product Design/Development, Site Development, Business Operations

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Goatsy Music

Contribution: Music Composition & Production, Album Art

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Maybe someday I will tell you the story of how the name Goatsy came to be, but for now, you should most definitely check out and download some of my tracks. I'm currently working on a music video for my latest track - TBA. Stay tuned, internetz.




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