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Welcome to High Style Motoring, your premier source for Scooters, Pit Bikes, ATV's, UTV's, Mopeds, Parts and more!


Our 24 years of experience at our current Southern California location and commitment to quality have earned us thousands of loyal
customers throughout the nation. In fact, there are few full service dealers in the area that have the experience and know how that
we bring to our customers - every single day.




We scan the competitions prices every single day to make sure that we are offering our customers the BEST PRICES IN THE U.S.A..


If, for any reason, you find the same product at another authorized dealer, WE WILL BEAT IT!!!


So let's get to work and start saving you some BIG $$$.


The simple fact is that many of these online "dealers" do not have the necessary "hands-on" experience that is required to properly help
a customer in selecting just the right product that best suits their particular needs. Rest assured that at High Style Motoring/CarCall we
have ridden, tested and serviced every single product that you will see here on these pages to help you make a properly informed decision.


Is it worth it to take a chance on purchasing from a dealer that has been in business for just a few months? Will they be there for the
customer support that you deserve when it's time? What about their on-line reviews? We believe that these are important questions to answer
before you spend your hard earned money.


Go with the best and go with a proven name you can trust - High Style Motoring!









HIGH STYLE MOTORING A constant commitment to quality, service, and customer satisfaction.


We are a family owned and operated dealership doing business at our present location since 1987. It is important to note that we are a fully
licensed and bonded California new motorcycle dealership (Dealer # 11080) and operating a full service brick and mortar establishment dedicated
to serving the needs of the most discriminating customer.


This is important as it sets us far apart from most of the "on-line" businesses that really don't have the proper knowledge or understanding of
the products they sell. Here at HIGH STYLE MOTORING we are dedicated to not just the sale, but have a full service repair facility as well as
one of the most extensive parts inventories available.


Over the last 23 years we have helped literally thousands of customers find the Scooter, Pit Bike, ATV or vehicle that best fit their style and
budget. We will be more than happy to help you as well!


YIPPEE! Huge selection in stock and ready to take home. NATIONWIDE delivery is also available on each unit that we sell and you can rest assured
knowing that your new vehicle will be delivered promptly right to your door ANYWHERE in the USA!


It's for these reasons that we sell absolutely more Scooters, Pit Bikes, ATV's and other vehicles than ANYONE in the entire area!


Check us out - we're here all day long saving you big $$$on the product that fits your style.


Retro's, Cruisers, Freeway Scoots, ATV's and the complete line-up of SSR Pit Bikes are all in stock and ready for delivery - RIGHT NOW!


We can also hand deliver your products anywhere in the Orange County or Los Angeles areas. Please give us a call at (562) 945-8361.


We also accept most major credit cards.


Stop by and say 'Hi' and let us help you to start saving money TODAY!









We at High Style Motoring are proud to be Southern California's Prestigious leading Five-Star Dealership. Our commitment to quality service
has earned us consistent high marks in customer satisfaction.


The High Style Motoring service and parts department is dedicated to keeping you safe and on the road. Our experienced service department will
keep your Scooter, Pit Bike or ATV running in top condition. We use the latest in and quick turnaround. In fact, our parts department carries a
large inventory of in stock parts. Additionally, no one in the area offers a larger inventory of parts and accessories for your vehicle. This
gets you on the road (or off the road!) quickly and safely!


Our service department features comfortable lounge. Enjoy our big screen TV, and kids play room. We also offer free pick-up service for repair
work anywhere within a ten mile radius of our facility. Consult one our friendly representatives for special arrangements. Your satisfaction is
our highest priority!


Experience Our No Hassle Guarantee! You won't find a better selection of parts or level of service anywhere in the Orange County or Los Angeles area!


Ask about our special preventative maintenance packages!









Welcome to High Style Motoring, your premier source for Scooters, Pit Bikes, ATV's, UTV's, Mopeds, Parts and more!



Our 24 years of experience at our current Southern California location and commitment to quality have earned us thousands of loyal
customers throughout the nation. In fact, there are few full service dealers in the area that have the experience and know how that
we bring to our customers - every single day.

































Welcome to HIGH STYLE MOTORING/Car Call and thank you for taking the time to visit our Scooter page!


Right about now, you may be asking yourself a VERY important question and it might be along the lines of.... "Why on earth should I buy a Scooter
or a Moped from these guys (and gals)"???


Great question! Most of us ask that before making any major purchasing decision.


Over the 23 years that we have been in our current location, this question is asked of us quite often. The fact is, that when making any major
purchasing decision, we all want to feel comfortable that we are getting the most VALUE for our hard earned dollars.


One of the ways most of us search out VALUE is by doing just what you are doing now by researching the internet and gathering information.
Sometimes the large amount of information can be a bit daunting to wrestle with, but in the long run it usually proves to be financially rewarding.


Q. "What exactly do you mean when you refer to VALUE"?


A. VALUE = added benefits that are transferred to the customer at no extra charge.


Here is another common question about VALUE.


Q. "Are the prices at High Style Motoring the absolutely lowest on the Web"?


A. Perhaps, but maybe not.


Q. "Does that mean I should search for VALUE on another site"?


A. Well, certainly you should! But first you may be interested in seeing what other benefits our company has to offer you in order to
maximize your VALUE and get the most "bang for your buck".


HIGH STYLE MOTORING's added benefits include:


1. Family owned and operated and in the same location for 23 years selling more than 10,000 Scooters, Mopeds, Pit Bikes and ATV's at
extremely competitive prices.


2. Licensed and bonded California motorcycle dealership, license #11080.


3. Full service dealership with 3 full time technicians to help our customers 6 days a week.


4. Free phone tech support support 6 days a week for all our out of state customers. Yes, you talk to an actual human being! WOW! lol


5. First scheduled maintenance is performed free of charge to all of our local Southern California customers.


6. Huge inventory, in stock, and ready to ride home - TODAY !


7. Large selection of aftermarket accessories and parts all in one place that saves you time and money by not having to run all over
town looking for what you need.


8. Probably the most important of all to our local customers is the fact that when you purchase any of our Scooter, Moped, Pit
Bike or ATV products you can be confident that each unit has been professionally inspected and assembled. The Chinese "shipping
fluid" (BTW, the mechanics refuse to call it oil - lol) is drained and replaced with a high quality SEA grade motor oil. Each and
ever nut and bolt that is part of the assembly is treated with Lotitetm to ensure enduring performance and the 10mm exhaust nuts are
removed and treated as well.
All electrical connections and vacuum lines are inspected, tire pressure checked and the unit is road tested and ready to ride!











New Arrivals!


We have just received the newly re-designed 2010/2011 Mopeds from SSR and they are HOT! These babies are loaded with lot's of extras including
ton's of chrome and custom graphics. Being fuel efficient and saving gas is what these economical 50cc Mopeds are all about and we have some of
the lowest prices in the Country since they are all on sale - RIGHT NOW!


Cruise the beach or your college campus with one of these and you'll be getting over 100+ MPG and finding easy parking anywhere you want is a breeze.
Additionally, these are true money $$$saving machines because they are so fuel efficient and since no insurance is required, parking is usually free
and you get a permanent plate in the State of California for just $19 that is good forever. Other States may not require any plate whatsoever or
registration may be free.


Some States such as South Carolina and their residents that are experiencing the unfortunate circumstances of having a DUI or DWI ( driving under the
influence or driving while intoxicated ) might want to check with their State Department of Motor Vehicles or DMV to see if they may legally operate
a 49cc Moped while their license is either suspended or revoked since this is a legal and viable alternative means of transportation. WOW!


So start saving some serious cash and come down and pick yours up today!


Free test rides are available and remember, we are a full service dealership so we can also install the High Performance BIG BORE 72cc upgrade kit to
give you some extra juevos...




Five Moped Safety Tips that Could Save Your Life


You always have to be alert and aware of yourself and your surroundings on your moped. It moves faster than a bicycle but provides less protection than
a motorcycle. Here are some tips to keep you safe.


Safety Equipment: First and foremost is protection. Helmets that are DOT approved are best and proper clothing is paramount. Avoid sandals, shorts and
short sleeves. Emphasize your protection with gloves, a riding jacket made from a tough material. Some riders even buy motocross armor (similar to what
dirt bike racers wear) for their moped rides.


Traffic Laws: Obey all traffic laws. Don’t try to run a red light even if it is one of those actuated by the weight of a vehicle, be patient, if you have
to, dismount and touch the sidewalk actuator, but whatever you do, don’t let impatience get the better of you in certain situations. Especially on high
traffic roads, there is bound to be someone coming to hit the signal. Keep on the right side of the road unless you are making a left turn, most laws require
the moped rider to be within three feet of the right line, this is a good standard to follow.


Be Observant: Keep an eye on your surroundings. You are virtually invisible to the other drivers, especially those who are on their phones or in some other way
distracted. A benefit to a moped rider is they can dip off onto the sidewalk if necessary to avoid a collision. Make sure you have both mirrors and they are
angled so you can see the most possible area behind you. Cars behind you are more dangerous than the ones next to you.


Safe Riding Practices: It is always good to employ safe riding practices when on your moped. Ride defensively. Don’t be too aggressive because you are after all
smaller than the others sharing the road. You don’t want to try to go head to head against a truck or car. Night riding is not advisable but if necessary, wear
bright colored clothing, reflective strips on your jacket and your helmet and keep your headlight in good working order.


In Case of an Accident: Always make sure you speak with the police officer on the scene, unless you are severely injured. Some hospitals will refuse treatment if
you are found to be at fault, and it is very likely the person in the car with whom you had an accident will not be honest in the events that occurred to avoid
being sued or found at fault. Make sure the officer has your side of the accident on record.


By popular demand... ASSEMBLY VIDEOS!!!


RIDE on the SSR Lazer5 49cc Moped.


The top video will show you a glimpse of our store as well as the proper front tire mounting procedure and the bottom video will explain how to quickly and easily
install the handle bars, turn signals, speedometer 'puck', right side brake handle and choke assembly bracket.


These two videos will definitely save you some time and effort when building your new Moped so you can fire her up, tackle the open road and get the wind blowing
thru your hair.......... RIGHT AWAY!







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